Restaurant Concept Analysis - Restaurants 101

Concept Analysis

Restaurants 101 can perform site surveys to see what the remodeling or buildout costs will be and we have many approved companies that we use for remodeling and buildout and they do it for a fair price. We can usually save 10-15% off on build out costs. These services can apply to pre-opened or already existing venues.

We have also created a software program that can help you manage all of the areas and track all of your work. The program can also make you aware of new codes and new health department requirements that your General Contractor might not be well versed in unless they do a lot of restaurants.

Restaurants 101 stands behind their list of approved vendors and contractors, many I have done work with for the last 17 years.

Obviously pre-signing a lease pre-opening is the best time to really breakdown the concept to the below areas:

Location (Physical)

  • Does concept fit location today and 2 to 5 years down the road?
  • Traffic flow day and night?
  • Lunch or Dinner driven concept or heavy bar/lounge concept?
  • If using an existing building, does the design match your concept?
  • Building ratio of FOH space to BOH space
  • Is a full re-model within budget?
  • Enough parking during peak times?
  • Any special City or County requirements?

Location (Menu/Cuisine)

  • Does your menu stand out?
  • How many other similar restaurants are within 5-10 miles?
  • Does your concept menu work 365 days/yr or is it seasonal?
  • Does your check average fit the target market?
  • Does the menu cater more towards lunch or dinner?
  • Does your menu appeal to families or just couples?

This is a small example of how Restaurants 101 will approach your new location or restructured concept location. We will make sure that every single area of the location is covered and you as a client fully understand exactly what that location can do for you or not do for you. For new locations we breakdown the potential sales to see if the concept will generate the dollars needed to offset expenses. Obviously how well you run the cost has a large part to do with your success.