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POS Integration

For those of you that skipped over this section because you didn’t think it was important please read this section VERY SLOWLY! Whether you are a small local concept or a large restaurant or nightclub if you as an owner ever plan to separate yourself from the office you need some checks and balances plus a smooth Flow of Service is crucial. Here are just a few reasons why:

Tracking Inventory - Even if you are very organized and only you order and count all the products you still need a clear way to track items.

Payroll - the system handles all time clock information and once verified correct can easily be exported to your payroll company. If you do payroll in house a system will save you about 8-10 hours a month in paperwork time.

Flow of Service - most new operators have trouble trying to create a smooth flow of service example; how do the servers take the food/drink order? How do the food items get to kitchen and get out of kitchen correctly? How do drink orders get to the bar, prepared and delivered back bar to guest correctly? How do up sold items get accounted for not just given away? How do you track “CASH” payments?

Credit Card processing Integrated - Will save your staff time during the shift and after, more importantly you as owner can track your payments.

Hand Held Terminals & Credit Card terminals - You can now have servers ring orders at the table and have the credit card run right at table thus reducing “theft” and “chargebacks"

The reasons for a system far out way the reason of “I don’t want to spend the money”. If you use the system correctly it will pay for itself inside of 18 months. If you just said to yourself “I’m not sure if I will make it 18 months” we need to be having another conversation!! Also very important buyer beware in this market. There are several extremely well performing POS system that do what they say and understand the business we are in. On the other hand many of the companies that are out there way over promise and under deliver. DO NOT BUY ON PRICE ONLY! this can be one of the biggest mistake you can make. Restaurants 101 has a list of several companies to use and several companies you should stay away from even if they are half the price of others.