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Staff Training

These areas unfortunately sometimes get grossly overlooked at the opening or even after you are open. Lack of training, improper training or inconsistent training is the biggest reason that concepts stumble through the opening months with service complaints, higher cost and higher staff turnover. You don’t build a house without a strong foundation. Why would you try to start a business without one? Brand Identity-Concept Execution and Staff Training & Development help create that strong foundation. Some owners will train before the day the doors open and after that don’t do any follow up. Your training classes should continue to run for the first 30-45 days. The length of training times varies greatly from concept to concept, but if you test the staff periodically and follow thru with making sure the training is done you are less likely to fall behind. The following is just a small list of areas that need to be programmed into everyone’s brain during training.

  • What is the concept/ mission statement?
  • Menu knowledge: Food or Bar menu?
  • Prep and cook methods ( BOH )
  • Understanding the flow of service
  • Understanding the Point of Sale system and features
  • Cook preparation methods ( BOH )
  • Need staff to understand the importance of getting better at their jobs
  • Staff needs to feel like they are a part of something

Once the training system gets organized and perfected this is when the development programs can start. If your training program doesn’t change for the better after you open you have a problem. You should take into account the problems that you encountered with original program. You should also adjust the flow of service for the better now that you have gone thru the motions. If this is your second or third locations with an identical concept this doesn’t apply to you as much. You should already be to this point before you open. Make sure you update the menu part of the training. It will usually change after opening. It is very important for you to sit down with your staff trainers and get their input because they are the ones actually doing the steps, plus they will get a sense of ownership of the program.

If the system keeps changing your staff won’t know which way is up. Also, you can’t develop anyone if things are always changing. If your staff is confused about what is going on and they are their everyday image what the guest feels. Restaurants 101 will create an opening training program-then assist you in building the permanent one. The Restaurant managers need to be involved in this process they need to understand it 100% after all they are the ones holding the staff accountable for it. A great training program will save you thousands in payroll in the first 6 months.